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Shippingcosts & Transit time

The shipping costs & transit time depends on the country, the shipping option (i.e. express) and the weight of the delivery. You can calculate the shipping options and costs using the following controls.

Shippingcosts & Transit time

Rigol DSA1000-SCBA

Rigol DSA1000-SCBA

High quality instrument bag for Rigol DSA1000 series spectrum-analyzers.

Weight: 1.8kg


Weight: 1800 g + 800 g packing materials = 2600 g

Possible Deliverytypes

DHL Premium Parcel
45.10 € without VAT
Transit time: approx. 6-16 days
DHL / Deutsche Post will transport the parcels and hand them over to the participating foreign companies for further transportation and delivery to their recipients in accordance with the usual procedures for parcels in the specific country of destination.

DHL Express Shipping
90.80 € without VAT
Transit time: 2-3 days
Orders received after 2 pm will be dispatched on the next business day!

Pick up through customer
1.00 € without VAT
The order will be picked up through a courier organized and payed by yourself. You can use the import account of the main parcel service of your company for example. We will charge only a small handling fee.