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QFP, PQFP and TQFP Adapter

You can find additional information about each adapter in its datasheet.

QFP Adapter

Batronix TQFP44-DIP40 PRO Adapter BA028

  • Fits for: BX40, Galep, ...
  • Conversion: F:F (equivalent to Conitec DS210847A - Type 3)

Details Datasheet chip dimensions

Winslow TQFP44-DIP40 PRO Adapter W9789

  • Fits for: BX40, Galep, ...
  • Conversion: F:F

Details chip dimensions

Conitec TQFP44-DIP40 PRO Adapter 210847A

  • Fits for: Galep-4/5...
  • Conversion: F:F

Details Datasheet

Elnec TQFP44-DIP44 PRO Adapter 70-0076

  • Fits for: BX48, BX448, BX848, BeeProg, Superpro, ...
  • Conversion: F:F


Batronix PQFP44-DIP40-B PRO Adapter BA027

  • Fits for: BX40, Galep, ...
  • Conversion: F:F

Details Datasheet chip dimensions

SMD-Vacuum pen with 3 suction cups

Ideally suited for handling SMD-components during assembly of circuit boards as well as for programming adapters. Thanks to the balloon-shaped handle, the vacuum is easily generated and allows a very precise handling of the components. The patented technique holding the vacuum constantly for longer periods prevents the components from dropping off.

Delivery including 3 suction cups (1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 inch)

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