Eprom Programmer 3.4

The Batronix Eprom Programmer has been developed for amateur constructors as well as small companies that need a programming device for a very affordable price. The details and more information can be found on the Eprom Programmer 4 page.

Please note: The Eprom Programmer 3.x/4 has been replaced by the new Eprom Programmer BX32 which offering many advantages like the USB connection, much higher programming reliability and more.

Please note that you need a valid Prog-Studio 6 registration if you want to build and use the Eprom Programmer 3.4 and 4!

Schematic and Layout

IMPORTANT: This circuit is copyrighted property of Batronix. You can build and use it for your own purposes but you are not allowed to trade with your own rebuilds!

For the schematic and layout plans you need the highly recommended schematic and layout editor EAGLE. A free english version can be downloaded at http://www.cadsoft.de/freeware.htm.

Eprom Programmer schematics and layouts
File size: around 26 KByte