Customer testimonials

Since we got lots of nice emails from customers we started a testimonial section here:

Martin Samuelsson, Sweden:

I have received the BX40 and tested it! The BX40 makes every programmer I have ever used seem like relics from the Stone Age! Judging by the build quality it may well be the last programmer I'll ever need - it feels like it was built to last a lifetime.

Kind regards,

Product: Batronix BX40 Bagero

John F Stewart, Skelmersdale, United Kingdom:

I have now received my chip programmer and I am delighted, I have already completed my first project in my workshop I now can travel to site and complete my work, this really is a good well thought out product and the software is easy to use.

Best regards,
John F Stewart

Product: Batronix USB Chip Programmer

Steve Wong, 911 Chips - Porsche Performance Chips, Los Angeles, USA:

I recently purchased your BX32 programmer and I would like to commend you for your great programmer. I really like its size, speed of programming, and the software designed for it.

Best regards,
Steve Wong

Product: Batronix BX32 Batupo

Martin Taylor, Carterton, United Kingdom:

Thanks for the e-mail regarding the upgrade. I would also like to take this opportunity to pass on my comments regarding your eprom programmer. I am a military electronics technician with 22 years of experience and I was very impressed with the quality of the PCB. I am so impressed that I will no longer make my own boards for larger projects but will send them to the PCB Pool instead.

I ordered your kit some time ago but only built it last week (very busy at the moment). The board quality and through hole plating were superb. Construction was simple and quick and your software easy to install and use. What more can I say. I know, I will be buying more of your products - at your prices it is easier than designing them myself.

Marty (a very satisfied customer)

Product: Batronix Eprom Programmer

Ralph K. Zimmerman, New Freedom, Pennsylvania/USA:

I have been very pleased with the complete experience with Batronix, from ordering to the rapid delivery AND then there is the software and programmer that work just as advertized.

Ralph K. Zimmerman

Product: Batronix Eprom Programmer

Daniel Keath, Winter Haven, Florida/USA:

I received the programmer, wanted to comment on the excellent quality and information provided with it, I was truly impressed especially for the price I paid. Again, thank you for the wonderful value and quality. I will most certainly keep batronix in mind for my future needs.

Yours Truly,
Daniel Keath

Product: Batronix Eprom Programmer