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ITECH IT6000D Power Supplies


  • Single unit provides voltage of 80V-2250V, current of 30-2040A, power of 6kW -144kW, and 73 standard models are available
  • Master-slave parallel, the power can be paralleled up to 1.152 MW
  • Current is up to 2040A by paralleling
  • The adoption of high frequency switching structure supports the automatic switching between CV and CC
  • Provides various protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, protection of power failure and UVP
  • Supports data recording function, can continuously record the Max, Min, Average values of output voltage and current, and it can automatically execute data by sequence
  • Power efficiency up to 95%
  • High power density of 18kW in 3U
  • Supports external data recording function, internal buffing, and the PC will periodically read data from the power supply
  • Built-in communication interfaces of USB/CAN/LAN/Digital IO, and optional interfaces of GPIB, Analog and RS232
  • Supports SCPI protocol, built-in Web server

ITECH, IT6000D Power Supplies

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