Flash MC Programmer I

The Flash MC Programmer I is a fast parallel port programmer for AT89C1051, AT89C2051 and AT89C4051 microcontrollers.

Please note that you need a valid Prog-Studio 6 registration if you want to build and use the Flash MC Programmer!

  • Chip Support
    Flash MC Programmer I
  • Microcontroller
    89C1051, 89C2051, 89C4051

Manual: How to use and construct the devices

Manual: How to use and construct the devices
File size: around 1.8 MByte


  • Hardware Details
    Flash MC Programmer I
  • Interface
    Parallel port (cable: 25 pole, SUB-D male onto SUB-D female, 1:1)
  • Power supply
    14-24 Volt DC, max. 100 mA
  • Socket
    20 Pin "Economy" Hebelfassung von ECC
  • Pin driver
    Optimized for microcontroller
  • Low voltage support
    5 volt chips only
  • Software Details
    Flash MC Programmer I
  • Software
  • File formats
    Supports all usual file formats like binary, intel hex and motorola hex
  • Offset
    Data and chip offsets
  • Hex-Editor
    Simple hex-editor
  • Software updates
    No updates
  • Supported operation systems
    Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003
    Windows Vista won't work!
  • Languages
    English, German


The programmer hardware is very simple and consists of an etched circuit board, two ICs, two transistors, three diodes, one LED, one sub-d connector, eight capacitors and six resistors. Additionally, you will need a printer extension cable and a power supply between 12 and 24 volt with at least 100 milliampere. You can download the schematic, board layout and software right here.


Click on the schematic to open it in full size.

Schematic and layout as Eagle files

IMPORTANT: This circuit is copyright protected by Batronix. You can build and use it for your own purposes but you are not allowed to trade with your own rebuilds!

For the schematic and layout plans you need the highly recommended schematic and layout editor EAGLE. A free english version can be downloaded at http://www.cadsoft.de/freeware.htm.

Flash MC Programmer I Schematic and Layout - Simple Layout
File size: around 20 KByte

Flash MC Programmer I Schematic and Layout - Filigree Layout
File size: around 21 KByte