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PMK BumbleBee® Active Differential Probe


BumbleBee® is a 2 kV Measurement Category I or 1 kV CAT III High-Voltage Differential Probe with 400 MHz bandwidth, that can be used with every instrument having 50 Ω Input Impedance. The probe is very effective in power device evaluation such as measurements in IGBT circuits used in the design of motor drives, switching power supplies and frequency converters. Especially 1700 V IGBT modules for inverters and converters.

BumbleBee is also very effective in fast transient measurements with bandwidths of up to 400 MHz. Measurments at GaN and SiC modules as part of new semiconductor techniques profit from that in particular. It provides a 4 Mode Attenuation, which allows higher resolution measurements. The probe provides overload indicators for each input channel as well as for the output. That makes it easy to observe, that the differential probe is working in the specified range.The probe also provides an active offset correction in a range of ± 4 V, related to the output voltage, with a resolution of 15 Bit.

Utilizing lowest ppm components available, the probe offers exceptional stability. Especially long term measurements profit from such low drifts at varying temperatures. Another feature is the probechannel identifier, providing a channel indicator LED.

BumbleBee Active Probes

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PMK BumbleBee SP

Active differential probe, switchable

Attenuation 50 : 1 100:1 250:1 500:1
Bandwith 300 MHz 300 MHz 300-400 MHz 300-400 MHz
Rise Time 1.2 ns 1.2 ns 875 ps-1.2 ns 875 ps-1.2 ns
Max. Test Input 200 V 400 V 1000 V 2000 V

Input Impedance (diff.) 10 MΩ 2 pF
Input Impedance 5 MΩ 4 pF
Max. Input CAT III 1000 V
Cable Length 2 m

  • Only connect to a grounded (earthed) oscilloscope!

  • Attention: Each Bumblebee probe requires a separate power supply PS-02 or PS-03

max. Bandwidth
400 MHz
max. Input Voltage
1000 V
Input Resistance
5 MΩ
Differential probe
10 : 1
100 : 1
500 : 1

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