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QFN, SON and SAP Adapter

You can find additional information about each adapter in its datasheet. QFN, WSON, SON, SAP, MLP, USON and VFQFP are different names for the same package type. Please take care of the correct size (eg. 6x5mm).

WSON / QFN Adapter

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Batronix BA029 QFN8(6 x 5 mm)-DIP8 Adapter

  • Further names for the QFN package: WSON, SON, SAP, MLP, QFN, USON, VFQFP

  • Fits for: All programmers

  • Conversion: 1:1

Nr: BA029
EAN: 2884029000016

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Crystal King SMD-Vacuum pen with 3 suction cups

Ideally suited for handling SMD-components during assembly of circuit boards as well as for programming adapters. Thanks to the balloon-shaped handle, the vacuum is easily generated and allows a very precise handling of the components. The patented technique holding the vacuum constantly for longer periods prevents the components from dropping off.

Nr: Vaccum pen HV-3C (cups: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8)

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