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Picture:  Prog-Studio 6
Picture:  Prog-Studio 6 Picture:  Prog-Studio 6

Prog-Studio 6

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Prog-Studio 6

Because of the successor products Prog-Studio 9 and Prog-Express, the only practical usage of Prog-Studio 6 is to control obsolete pre-USB programming devices like the EPROM Programmer 4.

For developing microcontroller applications, please take a look at the new Prog-Studio 9 software. For USB programmers, please use the Prog-Express Software (Freeware).

Beside basic functions as reading, programming, comparing, copying and erasing chips in the Batronix programming devices,Prog-Studio 6 offers numerous other functions. The Hex/ASCII editor gives you many options for working with the component contents and the MC editor integrates a comprehensive compiler/assembler/debugger for developers of microcontroller applications.

Hex-Editor Mode

  • Data can be loaded and saved in the binary, Intel-Hex, Motorola-S and other formats.
  • The simple editing of data in the Hex editor with a comparison function, as well as area processing
  • Burning data onto a memory chip with just one mouse click
  • Special features, such as burning from/to a certain memory address (offset) as well as separation into even and odd addresses (splitting odd/even) are supported.
  • Serial burn function for the production of large numbers of items with identical data
  • Data comparison function (verify) with bit-to-bit comparison.
  • Automatic comparison of the check sum during comparison (verify)
  • Calculation of the check sum for editor data

MC-Editor Mode

  • Assembler/compiler for all MCS-51 microcontrollers (8051,...,80C535,...,89C2051,...,89C52,...,89S8252,...)
  • Important information is always at hand with the supplementary "Commands" window. The hexcode, as well as the required bytes and machine cycles, are also shown for each command.
  • Speedy navigation and improved overview with the supplementary "jump marks" window. The selected routine or jump mark is displayed at a click of the mouse.
  • Notes can be stored in the supplementary "Notes" window and are managed separately for each created program.
  • Basic support for the simple programming of frequently required partial functions such as conditions (If...Else) or loops (For...), nesting possible up to 99 levels
  • Integrated debugger with single step function and stop points directly in the source code! Display of all registers (SFR) and memory addresses (RAM as well as external RAM).
  • Support for all common number formats (decimal, hexadecimal, binary + ASCII), data fields (DB, DW) and allocation (EQU, BIT, DATA) as well as special directions for debugging (STOP, #IF DEBUGGING, #IF NOT DEBUGGING)
  • Modular programming through the integration of header/assembler files via INCLUDE and integration of binary data via INCBYTES
  • Direct assembly/compilation and burning of data in a Batronix programming device by one mouse-click!
Software Details Prog-Studio 6
File formats Supports all usual file formats like binary, intel hex and motorola hex
Offset Data and chip offsets
Splitting Complete 16 and 32 Bit splitting functions
Hex-Editor Very comfortable and feature rich
Software updates None (discontinued since July 2006). Pleae take a look at the successor projects Prog-Studio 9 (for µC Development) and Prog-Express (as control software for Batronix Programming devices)
Supported operation systems

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003

Windows 7 and Windows Vista won't be supported!

Languages English, German

Download Software and Manuals

Prog-Studio Version 6.0.9 (19. July 2006)

OS: Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE Note: Windows 7 and Vista are not supported!

File size: around 6.5 MiB

There are two handbooks for the Prog-Studio 6 software available. The first part explains the general usage of the software, the hex-editor mode and the programming of chips. The second part explains the assembler/compiler for developing of microcontroller applications. Since the majority of users will only need the first part, we have split the handbook into two parts.

Prog-Studio Manual Part 1

File size: around 0.8 MiB

Prog-Studio Manual Part 2

File size: around 0.5 MiB