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ISO 9001

Picture: ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

We have successfully completed the certification audit by the German Institute for Quality & Certification GmbH and we are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Our Batronix quality policy and company guidelines:

We want our customers to love us. That's why we make it easy, uncomplicated, fast and always very good.

  • Easy ordering, return, repairs and communications processes for our customers.
  • Uncomplicated implementation of customer requirements.
  • Fast processing of support inquiries, fast delivery of orders and fast integration of new innovative products into our range of products.
  • Particularly good customer service - in sales as well as in the technical support.

We want our suppliers to appreciate us. We can achieve more for our customers in cooperation with our suppliers. It is attractive for our suppliers to work with us.

  • We provide our suppliers an attractive platform for the distribution of their products.
  • We maintain good contact with our suppliers.

We want our employees to be with us. Motivated employees ensure a high quality in the processes.

  • We provide well equipped workstations with ergonomic chairs, high-quality furniture and fast IT in a modern building.
  • We maintain a friendly relationship with each other.
  • Flexible working hours through flextime and short-term and vacation planning ensure employee satisfaction.

We want to continually adapt and improve the quality management system to new circumstances. Out of the quality policy deriving the corporate and process objectives and thereby promoting the executives, taking the responsibility for the joint achievement of our quality goals and to identify with our core values.

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