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Company history


The Batronix website went online for the first time on June 20th 1999. In the early days, it offered building instructions and downloads for self-developed microcontroller and EPROM programmers as well as software. Furthermore, there was a forum and know-how articles for electronics developers, which attracted many visitors.


The Batronix programmers became more and more popular because they were inexpensive, reliable and the control software was convincing. While the first circuit boards were still etched with simple means in a small electronics shop in Kiel, they were professionally produced from spring 2000 onwards. In particular, the elimination of the more than 100 drill holes per board, which had previously been done by hand, was a great relief.


In March 2003, Batronix was at the forefront of technology with the release of the first USB-based programmer. Only one company (Leap from Taiwan) had already released its first USB-based programmer a few months earlier. All other manufacturers at that time still had devices based on the old parallel port.


With the BX series, a new series of Batronix programmers was released that was particularly well received by users. Sales figures doubled almost immediately, and other catalogue dealers added Batronix programmers to their product range.


The Batronix delivery programme was expanded to include measurement technology merchandise from various manufacturers. The oscilloscopes in particular were immediately in great demand.


With the release of the Batronix BX48 Batego programmer, we were able to release the world's fastest and most advanced programmer. It is the first product with a specially developed ASIC for Batronix, the BxPinDriver.

In 2009, Batronix introduced the new Rigol brand of measuring instruments as the first premium distributor in Germany.


The first own Batronix booth was set up at electronica 2010. The stand was still very compact, but it was enough to attract some attention for the Batronix programming devices and the Rigol measurement technology. Since then, electronica and, since 2013, embedded world have been an integral part of Batronix's annual schedule.


After several years of offering measurement technology as a second mainstay alongside programming technology, soldering technology was added to the product range in 2012.


It was getting cramped in the Business and Technology Centre. We were able to rent some new rooms, but they were not really optimal. Therefore, the decision was made to build our own Batronix company building. After some searching, a nice plot of land was found in Preetz near Kiel and the construction work began.


With the move to the newly built Batronix company building, many things got better. The premises were ideally suited to us and the work was much more fun. The warehouse had much more space and could be used effectively for the first time.


After we introduced the new Rigol brand as the first premium distributor in Germany in 2009, a success story followed that is unparalleled. Due to the particularly good price/performance ratio and the popular entry-level models, Rigol was able to become the largest oscilloscope manufacturer in the world (by number of units) within a few years!

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After 18 years of running Batronix as a sole proprietorship, it was time for further professionalisation. On 19 February, Batronix GmbH & Co. KG was entered in the commercial register.

For the first time, an exhibition stand was set up at the HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen in cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz.


We successfully passed the certification audit by the German Institute for Quality & Certification GmbH in spring 2019 and are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 14001:2015.