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Ersa Soldering Stations

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Ersa RDS 80

The RDS 80 is suitable for all soldering tasks with medium heat requirements in production, rework and development or for ambitious hobby solderers. There should be no ESD safety requirements.

The RT 80 soldering iron can be operated with all tips of the 832 and 842 series.

2 years warranty

Nr: RDS 80
EAN: 4003008065138

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Ersa i-CON 1

Sufficient soldering energy and a high adaptability to the respective soldering task due to the large variety of soldering tips available make the Ersa i-CON 1 suitable for all SMT and THT soldering tasks in electronics production, rework and development.

2 years warranty

Nr: i-CON 1
EAN: 4003008085976

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