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Batronix Team


The first point of contact for all customer inquiries is - of course - the sales department.

Oliver and Joel are happy to help you with any questions about your orders. The warehouse management and purchasing are handled here, so your questions about delivery dates are at the "right place" here.

Technical Support

Stefan, Jan, Susanne and Fabian are the contact of choice for technical questions or specific problems in metrology.

They will gladly advise you on the right equipment for your measuring tasks or will be there to help you with advice in case of problems with your existing equipment.


In the development department, Martin, Sebastian, Lars and Florian are responsible for the constant development of the programming devices, our online shop and the in-house ERP software.
The proximity between development and sales allows us to react flexibly to change requests.

Accounting and CEO

Jan takes care of the bookkeeping, André the management and the strategic development of the company.


The daily motivation is provided by Arno, our Batronix cook. Every day, the team join him for a delicious lunch - thanks Arno!