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Siglent Mechanical Switch SSU5000A

The Siglent SSU5004A series are mechanical switches with a frequency range from DC to 18, 26.5 or 50 GHz. They contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 independent single pole double throw mechanical switches with SMA or 2.4 mm connectors or single pole six throw mechanical switches. They support TTL level control and can be widely used in multi-channel and multi-port test environments.

SIGLENT has introduced the SSU5000A series of mechanical switches with a frequency range up to 50 GHz to fulfil the multiport test requirements of microwave and millimetre-wave systems. The SSU5000A model is characterised by a compact design, excellent RF characteristics, low insertion loss, excellent impedance matching and fast switching times. It contains 1-4 independent single pole mechanical switches or 1-2 single-pole mechanical switches with six switches with SMA or 2.4 mm connectors.

For example, the SSU5264A is divided into four groups A-D. Each group is an independent SPDT with three ports. The centre (common) port is connected to the left or right port. Green indicates whether the left port (green 1) or the right port (green 2) is connected. is connected.

Alternatively, the SSU5266A is divided into two groups A and B. Each group is an independent SP6T with seven connections. The centre connection of the SP6T switch can be configured to connect to one of the six surrounding ports. Green indicates which of the surrounding ports is connected. The switches, which are housed in an easy-to-use enclosure with USB connection, can be The switches, which are housed in an easy-to-use housing with a USB port, can be configured under programme control using VISA and SCPI or free, stand-alone software. For small switching systems that require high frequencies and good signal fidelity, the SSU5000A mechanical switching systems offer a combination of performance and value in a small package. small housing.

Model Frequency Range Ports RF Connector
SSU5181A DC-18GHz 1 SMA female
SSU5182A DC-18GHz 2 SMA female
SSU5183A DC-18GHz 3 SMA female
SSU5184A DC-18GHz 4 SMA female
SSU5261A DC-26.5GHz 1 SMA female
SSU5262A DC-26.5GHz 2 SMA female
SSU5263A DC-26.5GHz 3 SMA female
SSU5264A DC-26.5GHz 4 SMA female
SSU5265A DC-26.5GHz 1 to 6 SMA female
SSU5266A DC-26.5GHz 2 to 12 SMA female
SSU5501A DC-50GHz 1 2.4mm female
SSU5502A DC-50GHz 2 2.4mm female
SSU5503A DC-50GHz 3 2.4mm female
SSU5504A DC-50GHz 4 2.4mm female


  • Weight: 885g
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Control mode: TTL
  • Driving voltage: 12V
  • Maximum driving current: 1.25A
  • Size: W×H×D=153×62.4×137.5mm
  • RF connector: SMA female or 2.4mm female

Siglent SSM5000A

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