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Rohde & Schwarz Programmable Power Supplies HMC Series

One, two or three channels – R&S®HMC804x power supplies with their specifications and wide range of functions are ideal for use in development labs and industrial environments. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, the linear power supplies remain cool and quiet, even at maximum load. Practical interfaces and connectors allow users to work quickly and conveniently with the R&S®HMC804x, even in 19“ racks.

Rohde & Schwarz Power Supplies HMC Series

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R&S® HMC8041

Arbitrary power supply with 1 output (0-32 V/10 A at max. 100 W), with sense connectors and a resolution of 1mV/0.1mA.

Power Supply
Max. Output Voltage
32 V
Max. Output Current
10 A
Output Power
100 W
19" Installation
Optional Rack Mount Kit
19" Rack Unit Size
2 U
Units side by side within 19"
Power Supply
Rear Output Terminals
Remote Sensing
Interface (built-in or option)
USB Device
USB Host
3 years warranty

Nr: 3593.1006.02

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