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Premium Handheld Spectrum Analyzer with 5 kHz to 4 GHz Bandwidth, easily upgradable by software option. With a bright nonreflecting 18 cm (7") touch display and the included lithium-ion battery with 8 h operating time the perfect solution for field usage.

R&S Full Package FPH
Full Package FPH incl. FPH-B3 Frequency Upgrade, FPH-B4 Frequency Upgrade, FPH-B22 Preamplifier, FPH-K7 AM/FM Modulation Analyser, FPH-K9 Power Sensor Support, FPH-K15 Interference Analyser, FPH-K16 Signal Strength Mapping, FPH-K19 Channel Power Meter, FPH-K29 Power Sensor, FPH-K43 Receiver Mode.
(Valid until March 31, 2021)

3 years warranty

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