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Rigol DSA1000 Spektrumanalysatoren

The Rigol DSA1000 series are compact and light weight Spectrum Analyzers with premium performance for portable applications. The use of digital IF (intermediate frequency) technology guarantees reliability and performance to meet the most demanding RF applications. DSA1000A series is a performance spectrum analyzer with advanced measurement capabilities for any use case. Our use of digital IF technology guarantees the reliability and performance required to meet the most demanding RF applications. With its exceptional value for the price it is widely used in electronics manufacturing, failure analysis, and R&D. The DSA1030 also distinguishes between signals with a frequency difference as little as 100 Hz. The DSA1030A has RBW settable down to 10 Hz and a DANL (displayed average noise level) down to -148 dBm (typical).


A preamplifier and the advanced measurement kit are standard on the DSA1000A series devices, but are an option on the DSA1000 series.

Rigol DSA1000 Spectrum Analyzer

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Rigol DSA1030-TG3, Rigol, Spektrumanalyser

Spectrum analyzer from 9 kHz to 3 GHz with 3 GHz Tracking Generator.

Spectrum Analyser
3 GHz
RBW Resolution F.
100 Hz
DANL Noise
Display Size
21.6 cm
Built-in Tracking Generator
1 year warranty

Nr: DSA1030-TG3

no longer available