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Volume Production Cluster Solution

Multi Programmer Control

For the volume production of chips, we are able to offer you an additional modern solution next to the traditional gang programmers. Up to eight extremely fast Batronix BX programmers can be controlled simultaneously from one PC using the Prog-Express software.

Our approved and advanced multi programmer technology allows an asynchrounous control of all attached BX-Programmers (up to eight) in one cluster. You can easily combine different programmers from BX32 up to BX48 and every device will work with its own maximal speed. Because the BX48 is much faster than other programmers, we highly recommand the BX48 for volume production solutions.

Benefits of our volume production cluster solution

  • Lower costs: You can begin with one programmer and add further programmers as soon as you need more production capacities.
  • Increased production capacities through asynchronous programming, or concurrent programming: The operator can remove and insert chips in one programming device, while the other programmers are working. In the traditional gang programming, the operator is idled while the chips are being programmed, removed and or inserted.
  • Increased safety: If you use a gang programmer, your chip production will stop if the gang programmer gets defective. If you use more than one BX programmer, and one device will fail, the other will still continue working.
  • High speed programming: The new BX programmers offer a new high speed technology which reduces the programming time significantly.
  • Easier handling: The Windows software is easy to use, also for inexperienced operators. The gang programmers with their small LCD displays and complicated menu panels are much more difficult to use.

More information

When connecting several USB devices to a PC, you will need the same amount of USB connections and devices. If you want to use additional programming devices, you can use a USB hub. Please note that a USB hub for the BX programmer should support the USB 2.0 high speed data rate (480 mbit/s).

You can read more about our BX programmers and order them on the BX32P, BX40 and BX48 pages.