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Siglent SDS5102X

2 channel DSO with 1 GHz bandwidth, 5 GSa/s and 250 Mpts memory depth and a 25.7 cm LCD touch-display (1024x600 pixel). Upgradable to a MSO with a 16 channel logic analyzer, 1 channel waveform generator and pattern generator.

Siglent Full Package SDS5000X
Get the SDS5000X Optionsbundle for free with the purchase of a new device. This bundle contains: SDS-5000X-PA, SDS-5000X-CANFD, SDS-5000X-FlexRay, SDS-5000X-IIS, SDS-5000X-1553B and SDS-5000X-FG (Requires SAG1021I generator hardware, not included).
(Valid until March 31, 2021)

3 years warranty

Nr: SDS5102X

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