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Picture:  Micsig TO1104
Picture:  Micsig TO1104 Picture:  Micsig TO1104

Micsig TO1104

Handheld 4 channel full touch tablet DSO with 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa/s sampling rate. Incl. decoder Bundle for UART, CAN, LIN, SPI and I2C decoding.

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Delivery including 4 probes (bandwidth 200 MHz), Lithium Battery (7500 mAh), Belt and power adapter.

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3 years warranty

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The Micsig tBook series is the world’s first full touch digital oscilloscope. The Micsig TO1104 ensures you have the performance you need. It aims to meet all kinds of requirements of the largest digital oscilloscope market segment from the communications, semiconductor, computing, aerospace defense, instrumentation, research/education, industrial electronics, consumer electronics and automotive industries with excellent technology and industry leading specifications.

This high performance standard not only ensures capturing real-time instantaneous signals, but also observes details of repeated signals. The Micsig TO1104 has a refresh rate of up to 250.000 wfms/s, enabling users to capture instantaneous signals, as well as abnormal signals more quickly. It also helps to enhance the waveform capturing ability and to expedite a circuit debug course.

The particularly large TFT color touch displays are very easy to read. Thanks to an intelligent system for displaying or masking information, the largest possible area is always available for displaying signals. The signal curves, the FFT display, and other functions can be shown simultaneously on the display.

Models TO1072 TO1074 TO1102 TO1104
Bandwidth 70 MHz 70 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz
Channels 2 4 2 4
Sample Rate 1 GSa/s 1 GSa/s 1 GSa/s 1 GSa/s
Memory Depth 14 Mpts 14 Mpts 28 Mpts 28 Mpts
Waveform Capture Rate 80.000 wfm/s 80.000 wfm/s 80.000 wfm/s 80.000 wfm/s
Screen 8" TFT LCD 8" TFT LCD 8" TFT LCD 8" TFT LCD
Options TO1072 TO1074 TO1102 TO1104
Battery (8.000 mAh) checked checked checked checked
WIFI checked checked checked checked
HDMI checked checked checked checked
Video Recording checked checked checked checked
High-/Lowpass Filter checked checked checked checked
Screen Mask checked checked checked checked
Carry Strap checked checked checked checked
Bandwidth Upgrade on request on request checked checked
Memory Upgrade on request on request checked checked
Serial Bus Decoding checked checked checked checked

already included

Special features

Picture: 28 Mpts Memory Depth and ZOOM-Technology

28 Mpts Memory Depth and ZOOM-Technology

The Micsig TO1000 series provides more accuracy and details of waveforms with 28Mpts memory depth and a ZOOM technology. The tBook mini can record a longer time period also.
Picture: Lower noise

Lower noise

Lower noise floor is less than 1mV help you to get more accurate measurements.
Picture: 31 Types of Auto Measurements

31 Types of Auto Measurements

There are 31 auto measurements for the user to choose from on the measure selection page.
The tBook mini can measure and show 5 parameters simultaneously.
Picture: Multi-Level Intensity Grading Display

Multi-Level Intensity Grading Display

"Multi-Level Grading Intensity" display, extensive signal characteristics with a very large number of measurement values can also be displayed completely.
Picture: Full Touch control

Full Touch control

The full-touch tablet of the tBook mini series turns it into a very compact oscilloscope.
In addition to the 7500 mAh battery, it is an ideal mobile hand held measurement device.

Oscilloscope Functions TO1104 tBook mini
Channels 4
Real-time sample rate 1 GSa/s realtime
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Sampling Modus Normal, average, peak detect, envelope
Mathematics +, -, *, / und FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
FFT windows Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman
Vertical TO1104 tBook mini
Analog digital converter 8 Bit
Sensitivity range (V/div) 1 mV/div bis 5 V/div
DC vertical offset ±6.0div
Max. Input Voltage CAT I 300 V
Trigger TO1104 tBook mini
Trigger Channel
Triggerfunctions Edge, Pulse, Logic
Measurement TO1104 tBook mini
Cursor measurement Vertical cursor, horizontal cursor, cross cursor (manual only)
Auto measurement Period, Frequency, Delay, Rise Time,Fall Time, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Burst Width, Phase, Positive Overshoot, Negative Overshoot, Peak to Peak, Amplitude, High, Low, Max, Min, Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS

In the following video presentation we would like to show the ease of use of the Micsig TO1000 series.

Accessories, Micsig tBook mini

Micsig DP10013

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Switchable active differential probe up to 100 MHz

Divider Bandwidth max. Test Voltage
50 : 1 100 MHz 130 VPP
500 : 1 100 MHz 1300 VPP
  • max. Input Voltage to Earth (VDC + peak AC)
  • CAT III / 1000 Vrms
  • Only connect to a grounded oscilloscope!

Delivery including adjustable test hooks and accessories.

1 year warranty.


Micsig Decode-Bundle

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Optional Decoder Bundle for UART, CAN, LIN, SPI and I2C decoding. Meant for older devices which did not include this.

€ 46.41 incl. 19% VAT
€ 39.- net (VAT Details)

Micsig tbook mini Bag

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High quality soft carrying bag for the Micsig tBook mini series.

2 years warranty.