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Handheld 4 channel (isolated) oscilloscope with 500 MHz Bandwidth, 5 GSa/s sample rate, 10 Bit A/D converter, 500 kpts memory depth and a 17.8 cm touchdisplay (800x480 pixel). Including MSO with a 8 channel logic analyzer.

R&S Full Package RTH
Full Package RTH1004 incl. 4x RT-ZA20 probe, RTH-K1 I²C & SPI Decoding, RTH-K2 UART/RS232 Decoding, RTH-K3 CAN/LIN Decoding, RTH-K9 CAN/FD Decoding, RTH-K10 SENT Decoding, RTH-K15 Segmented Memory, RTH-K18 Spectrum analyzer, RTH-K19 Advanced Trigger, RTH-K33 Frequency Counter, RTH-K34 Harmonic Analysis and lithium ion battery. While stock lasts!

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