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Owon HDS - portable Oscilloscopes

The Owon HDS series offers portable measuring equipment with bandwidth ranges up to 100 MHz. Additionally. The units contain a built-in multimeter option for measuring voltage, electrical current, resistance and capacities.

All models offer 2 channels, 6 kpts storage size, a 3.8” (9.6 cm) TFT color display, as well as intuitive measurement and mathematical functions.

The units are available in 3 bandwidth variants, ranging from 20 and 60 to 100 MHz.

Owon HDS Oscilloscopes

Owon HDS1022M-N

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Handheld channel DSO with 20 MHz bandwidth (100 MSa/s) and digital multimeter.

Delivery including aluminium case, lithium accu, 2 probes, USB cable, pc software, power adapter and manual.

3 years warranty.

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